Press Release

Partner in Pet Food

Partner in Pet Food

4 May 2012

Partner in Pet Food (PPF) is an innovative and leading European producer, distributor and marketer of quality branded and own label pet food products.

PPF supplies Europe’s top supermarkets, offering a full range of high quality cat and dog food products including; dry; cans; alu cups; pouches; semi moist; snacks and cat milk. The company’s mission is to maintain its position as a leading private label pet food producer in Europe when measuring:

1. Service level,

2. Quality & price,

3. Category management,

4. Innovation, and;

5. European production network

PPF currently distributes its products across 28 countries, supplying major European supermarkets, pet food retailers and specialty shops. PPF is also the only market operator with an integrated pan-European production network. This network enhances PPF’s ability to efficiently deliver products to its customers when and where they are demanded. The company’s seven production facilities are situated across the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary; where the company is headquartered.

PPF is owned by Advent International, a private equity fund that purchased the company in 2011. With Advent’s investment and support, PPF has expanded its production and capacity and accelerated the rate of new product launches, enabling it to grow and meet customer demand and maintain its excellent service levels.

Since 2006, PPF’s production volume has increased (by 82%) from 242,000 tonnes to 441,000 tonnes in 2011. A fundamental principle for ensuring continuous innovative products is new product development and portfolio optimisation. This allows PPF to provide its customers with the best new products and keep up with the requirements of the consumer, whose nutritional needs change with animals different lifestyles. PPF’s products are specifically created to protect pets’ immune systems, vitalizing their muscles, fortifying their bones and protecting their coats and skin. The products are easy to digest and contain biologically valuable protein, fat, carbohydrate, vitamins and minerals. Regular consumption provides pets with all the essential nutrients to help maintain a healthy condition.

“As one of Europe’s leading pet food companies, Partner in Pet Food supplies not only the highest quality products, but also the highest levels of service and customer satisfaction. We are here to develop long term partnerships with our customers and maintain these through exceeding customer expectations.” – Attila Balogh CEO of Partner in Pet Food.

Visit Stand 6307 to learn more about how Partner in Pet Food can service your needs with its innovative product range.